Where do people shop for sex toys? I find going to adult shop stressful and cringey because, call me hallucinating, but it seems that the whole world stare at me as I enters the store. I simply would like to satisfy my healthy, ordinary, sexual needs, alright? This situation brought me to consider buying my collection through sex shop online instead of going to the stores.


There are some things that you need to consider when you buy sex toys online. Some of them are size, comfort, safety and functionality. When buying sex toys online, below are some things to consider.


wevibe couple vibrator rabbit vibratorsex swing


First and foremost, decide on the types of toys that would fulfill your needs the most. Would you like a rabbit dildo? Do you need a controllable vibrator? Do you prefer toys that has the least noises? What will satisfy your adult sex need the most? After you decide on the products, then we can move on to the next step, which is…



five star rating

Just like buying food or clothes or make up, doing research and reading reviews when you are picking an adult shop is very crucial. It is convenient to read about other people’s preference, body size and experiences before deciding if you actually want this particular sex toy or not. You can find these reviews from websites that sell the products, such as Amazon, company websites or Ebay. You can also find such reviews in forums, such as Reddit and Quora.



genuine or fake

There is nothing worse than buying a fake sex toys. It is very important to verify the sellers by checking how many products and reviews they have obtained over the years. If possible, find the official account of the company that sells the particular toy you’re looking for. An authentic toy rarely goes on sale or has a huge discount. When you see a toy that is priced way below the market value, you might want to see it as a red flag. The authentic sex toys are made with safe materials and performs better. Steer away from fakes and make your sex shop online experience wonderful!