As we have mentioned in the previous posts, butt plug is one of the classiest, most popular toys in the market. There are different types of butt plugs that we all enjoy. Today, we would discuss the cutest type of all: the tail plugs.


Tail butt plug, as the name implies, is a type of butt plug that comes with a cute tail attached. There are different types of tails that are popular among the users. Some of them would be: fox tail butt plug, cat tail butt plug, raccoon and even bunny butt plug. These toys are so cute, that you could even keep them next to your bed on your nightstand. If you likes the cuteness of anime girls as well as playing a bit kinky, being the ‘pet’ of your partner, this toy is perfect for you.


There are several types of anal plug that comes along with these tails. If you’re a beginner, you could use the smaller plug to train. If you are more advanced, however, there options. The common types of plug that comes with a tail would be: spiral butt plug, larger size anal plug and even beaded ones.


Regarding the material, most of the tails are in the shape of soft fake fur, even though some other tails are firm and created according to the material of its plug. To assure safety, the plugs themselves should be made of borosilicate glass, surgical stainless steel, and medical grade silicone.

Whichever kind of role play peeks your interest, you could turn yourself (or your partner) into a sexy fox, kitten, bunny, and even dog or pig. Depending on the dynamic between you and your partner, tail butt plug can bring the submissive/ dominant side that you never knew existed within you! These toys can be used along with fake cat/ fox/ bunny ears, a leash, chokers and even a ball gag.

Do you enjoy role playing and cos playing? If so, have you experienced using these cutest toys, the tail plugs? Which ones are your favorite?