Have you ever experienced sex in water? I got into a conversation with some friends about wild things that we did in college. This topic surfaced immediately.

There is something unusually sensual about water. Some people enjoy showering together, having sex in the shower or even try bathing sex. Some people enjoy, beyond water, having sex with other types of liquid. Others love to slather oil and lubes all over their partners. We can’t deny that glistening liquid and a naked body goes hand in hand.


So you have tried having sex in the shower and rubbing on each other in the bath tub. What’s next?

Couple Drinking Cocktail at an Infinity Pool

Preparing a glass of wine and relaxing by the pool can be the answer. Pool sex is, hands down, one of the sexiest things I’ve ever done. Of course some people also enjoy experiencing with lake sex or beach sex. The reason I specifically advice swimming pool sex or jacuzzi sex, is due to the convenience and the familiarity of the venue (also the lack of bugs or any other under water animal that might disturb the process).


The buoyancy and the floaty-ness of a pool somehow makes the process easier. Having your body rubbing against your partner’s under water is probably the best feeling you could ever imagine. However, you might want to watch out on the lubrication, because the pool water often wash away our body natural lubricant.

Romantic couple in the swimming pool

Some people prefer to penetrate under the water and finish out of the water due to the low water temperature and the difficulty of ejaculating in the water. However, this also add into the teasing, getting more aroused part of the intercourse. Most pool sex could last up to 30 minutes or even hours. Jacuzzi sex, however, would be slightly more comfortable as it comes with warm water and the whirl-pool water massages.