Sex doll has becoming more and more popular. We can now find a brothel in Italy that provides sexual service done by these toys. For most of us, this sounds blatantly strange. What would it be like to have sex with sex doll? To understand a bit more about this new trend, I decided to learn more about the features of these dolls.


Unlike the old days, sex dolls no longer look strange and creepy. Sure they still have that mannequin-like look, but with the improvement of technology and the type of material used in manufacturing, realistic sex doll is no longer a scarcity. Used to be made as a blow up, nowadays sex dolls are made with skin-like silicone, metal skeleton and completed with functioning, human-like sex organs.

Realistic Female Sex Doll



Sex dolls are generally associated with female sex dolls, catered mostly to the male audience needs. Little that we know, gay men and women could also now enjoy the service of these life like sex dolls. Female sex dolls usually come with life like breasts, buttocks and vagina. Male sex dolls, on the other hands, come with different sizes of penis and ability to stay erected like no man can. Both female and male sex dolls are now connectable to some apps, such as Amazon Alexa, and could even comment and carry conversations/ share stories with their partner.

Female Sex Doll Male Sex Doll



Plenty of places sell the basic realistic sex dolls these days. Some people still prefer the brick and mortar stores to experience the toy before purchasing. Others prioritize privacy by going to the private brand online stores. Other shopping platform, such as Amazon and Ebay, also sell some of these toys. However, the most advanced and human like dolls could only be found in some special store, such as Companion, a store in Vienna that is specializing in life like sex dolls. Customers who are interested to purchase the dolls can even touch and feel the dolls before buying them!

Vienna Sex Shop

The controversy remains. It appears that both men and women are excited to have the options of choosing sex dolls to please them sexually. However, both men and women feel the ego bruise where they do not believe the could be replaceable by a toy/ a robot. What is your take on this? Would you purchase one of these dolls to keep you warm at night?