Technology has given more than enough contribution to improve our lives as humans. It wasn’t until recently, though, that technology significantly improve, not just our daily life, but also our sex life. In the old days, being single or being far away from our loved one seemed to be a huge problem that prevent us from experiencing the intimacy of having a partner. These days, the existence of video chat platform, or should I say, sex cam, helps both singles and couples to experiment with another level of sexual experience.


For all my singles out there, both males and females, communicating intimately with someone and having a ‘play’ session is no longer a problem. Some sex chat platforms allow you to meet likeminded people who are looking to have fun or simply talk about sex. These chat rooms and platforms give you the convenience of being at home and having an orgasm at the same time.

If you would like to meet other people who are looking for hook ups or having a live sex chat, you can check out websites, such as: Friend Finder, Adult Friend Finder, or Omegle.

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If you are looking to reach orgasm by having a sexy cam session with the woman or man of your dream, you could go to sex cam sites (like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, iFriends, etc.) and find some cam girls or cam guys who meet the criteria you like, and book private video chat session with them.

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For all my couples out there, whether you are in a long distance relationship, culturally restricted relationship, or simply if you would like to experience something new: sex video chat would be the solution for you.

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Being faraway or separated is no longer the reason for us to leave each other. If anything, the heart grows fonder when you add some sexual role plays online through Skype or FaceTime. Plenty of companies also came up with toys to accommodate the needs of long distance couples. This way, not only you are able to see each other and tease each other, you could also reach orgasm at the same time, as if you are actually with each other.

What do you guys think about sex-camming? Is it something you are familiar with or would you like to experience with it? Please let me know your thoughts and questions below 🙂