When it comes to adult sex toys, we often think mostly about sex toys for women. In a conversation with some male friends of mine, I realize that the needs for male sex toys are just as massive as the female ones. What are some of the most popular sex toys for men?


As mentioned before, I made a decision to get to know more about male sex toys due to my own curiosity. I asked some male friends of mine and did a little online research to finally came up with the result. Whether you’re looking to purchase it for yourself or as a gift, here are the most requested sex toys for men in 2018:


There are plenty of brands that came up with products that could be connected with VR. One of the most popular ones is Kiiro Onyx 2, an upgrade of their previous Onyx 1 version, in which the new toy can be used with live interactive sessions with your partner or in conjunction with some downloadable porn or cam sessions.

VR activated flashlight


For those who prefer anal action and prostate stimulation, this prostate massager is the hassle free toy that will take you to heavenly orgasm. This vibrator is waterproof, remote-controllable and most importantly, shape to stimulate your prostate through its various levels of vibration.

prostate massager


The old school, yet still the favorite, is the flesh light fake vagina toy. Shaped like a shape light, it is indeed discreet and easy to carry. There are several companies that came up with similar product, good quality skin-like material and amazing suction. Some of these toys also come with software and app that could control the suction motion as you like!

fake vagina flashlight


sucking vagina flashlight



For those who loves phat butts (who doesn’t?) , this toy is the upgrade version of the old school fake butts and vagina. We now have a toy that could twerk to your liking! It comes in a realistic butt shape and size with both vagina, butt hole and amazing skin-like material . This fake twerking butt also vibrates and massages, just like the real ones!

fake twerking butt

Which one is your favorite? For all the males out there, what is your favorite sex toy that I haven’t listed here?