Most people aren’t aware that the average length of a heterosexual intercourse, where a male penis penetrates a female vagina before he ejaculates, is roughly about 5.4 minutes. An intercourse session is considered ‘adequate’ if it lasts between three to seven minutes. As a female, this raises an important question. What should a man do to last longer in bed? Most of the time, a man’s performance in bed and the longevity of his erection determines whether or not he can satisfy his partner properly.


Most men I know are obsessed with talking about their performance in bed. In contrary, most women don’t find it amusing to discuss how long they last in bed. If anything, I figured that it is way harder for women to reach orgasm than it is for men. The one thing that we don’t discuss often, is how to last longer in bed for men. This topic simply doesn’t come up because ejaculating too early is considered embarrassing by the social norms. Unfortunately, this problem does happen to most men. And therefore, here are the tips and tricks to make sure that a man’s tool can perform longer and better in bed.


Yes, you heard it right. Kegel exercise is not just useful for women. While Kegel exercise is perfect to tighten a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, it also helps men to control their pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. This way, it will be easier for men to have more control over their ejaculation and last longer in bed. The practice is very simple. It is similar to how women should tighten their muscle as if they are holding their pee. Men should tighten/ contract their PC muscle as if they are holding their urine from coming out. Do this for seven to ten seconds repeatedly for 8-10 reps each.


As I’ve mentioned previously while talking about solving premature ejaculation problems, edging is an effective technique that can help men to control their ejaculation. Men can practice edging during masturbation or while having intercourse. He simply needs to stop masturbation/ strokes when he almost reach orgasm. While he is in the edge of having orgasm, he would stop for a bit to prevent ejaculation from happening.


We all know what gets us there. To prevent early ejaculation, a man should prevent getting into sexual position that they know would make them ejaculate early. Experiment with other positions, even the ones that require balance and effort, which would require extra attention so your mind would not be focused solely only reaching orgasm.


Not only condoms are useful to protect us from pregnancy and diseases, they also help desensitize a penis from the skin to skin sensation. This alone would help a man last longer. Even better, some condoms are made specially to keep a man erect longer. Check out Trojan Extended Pleasure or Durex Mutual Climax


How to last longer in bed for men? Take viagra. As simple as that. When all else false, once in a while, this magic blue pill can help solve any premature ejaculation issue. This pill is also equipped with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, which can solve erectile dysfunction situation in older men. While proven to be safe, please consult your doctor before taking any type of medication to improve your sexual performance.

There are different tips, tricks and techniques out there on how to stay longer during sex. But I think these five simple tricks are easy to apply and very inexpensive. Please let me know if you have tried any of them and which one works for you.