For those who are not familiar with glass sex toys, these particular toys could appear a bit intimidating, if not scary. Inserting glass into our body seems to be challenging and plain dangerous. However, after experimenting a bit more with them, I realize there are plenty of benefits and advantages of playing with these sturdy and unique toys. Today, I would like to talk about some benefits of playing with glass sex toys.



glass anal beads

Unlike most people’s assumptions, glass sex toys are incredibly durable. They are mostly made of extremely strong glasses (borosilicate glass); in which, you wouldn’t have to worry when using them to play a bit rough. Since it is made of nearly unbreakable material, you don’t need to worry about the toy being toxic (glass sex toys are 100% non porous), they also will never get old or have battery/ electrical issues. If maintained properly, glass sex toys could be kept your whole life and even could be handed down as an inheritance to your children and grandchildren!

One thing to keep in mind however, always check your toy every time you drop them for safety reason. Avoid purchasing cheap, unknown sex toys to avoid quality and safety issues.


glass dildo  glass butt plug with heart curved beautiful glass dildo pink butt plug

Glass dildo and glass butt plug are some of the most beautiful, classic pieces of toy I have encountered so far. They are made of firm, sculpted glassed rather than hollow ones, which makes them a bit heavier. To me, they look like a piece of art. Each of these toys are made with specific curves and textures to improve the sensation when used. Which makes them appear beautiful, especially complemented with various glass colors and shapes. If you are like me, you would enjoy keeping pretty things in your nightstand or even on the bathroom cabinet. These toys will not disappoint!


running water in a sink

Unlike other sex toys, where you might have to consider the porousness and the delicateness of the material, glass sex toys are very easy to maintain. You simply need to wash them using soap and water. You could also wash them in the dishwasher along with your other waterproof toys.


different glass toys

Glass sex toys are suitable for both beginner and advanced toy users. They are fancied by most people who enjoy the firmness and the sturdiness of the glass.

These toys are also suitable for those who enjoy the sensory stimulation because they could be heated (place them in hot water) and cooled (in the refrigerator, but avoid freezer) manually and safely. I think this option is, especially enjoyable when applied to glass vaginal toys and glass anal toys. Make sure that you do not microwave or freeze your glass toys. Also, you should avoid putting your toys in under extreme temperature change (from extremely hot to extremely cold).

Glass sex toys can also be used with different types of lubricants (water based, silicone based, oil based, or hybrid), even the natural ones.