What defines crazy? Mostly something that is out of the society norms. What about “crazy sex toys” then? Basically toys that could fulfill your out of this world sexual fantasy. Yes, they do exist. The question is, have you tried any of them?

Huge Dick aka Monster Dick Toy

massive dildo     dildo with abs

If you are into large, or should I say, HUGE dick, these toys would satisfy your needs. Some of these toys come with a fake ripped man abs attached to it. But the coolest new trend that I encounter was the monster/ fantasy creature dick. Not only it is huge with amazing girth, it comes with personalized-able beautiful design.

Sex Machine

sex machine doggy style

If you prefer not to use your hands and to have movements that emulate a real intercourse session with your partner, sex machine is for you. This also could be used if your partner likes to watch you getting dirty with other tools that isn’t his.

Better Than Your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Sex Doll


sex doll


These dolls offer the advantage of having a girlfriend/ boyfriend without the drama and hassle of taking them out, fighting, listening to them whine or dealing with jealousy.

Out of This World Vibrators

different kinds of vibrator

Nowadays, vibrators come in different shape and form to fulfill or your sexual needs. Anything from clit-focused vibrator, g spot vibrator, remote control vibrator, dildo vibrator, software operated vibrator, etc. What’s your favorite vibrator?

Have you tried any of these toys? Do you know any other crazy sex toys?