After reading and researching on different sex toys that exist in the market, I was surprised to find out that sex toys have existed for thousands of years. The oldest toys existed in the history were ancient dildos. Needless to say, the development of technology has improved the quality and functionality of these toys over the years. However, it is quite interesting to see different creative ways that our ancestors came up with to pleasure themselves sexually. I do believe that this encounter proves one simple and obvious thing: that sexual urge, in any generation, is nothing but normal.


So far, the oldest dildo that archeologist have discovered is dated back to 28,000 years ago. These sex toys are made of smooth, glossed siltstone and was discovered at Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. Archeologists were torn whether these toys were used for pleasure or ritual purposes. Regardless, this discovery has shown us the existence of sex toys that predated plenty of other invention in human history.


bronze dildo

jade dildo

Han dynasty existed between 206 BCE and 220 CE. During this period, people who died would be buried along with their possessions. Interestingly, they were also buried with their adult toys. Dildos and butt plugs that are made of bronze and jade were discovered as artifacts left by this civilization.


goat eyelid cock ring

The ancient penis ring made from the goat eyelids is another strange ancient discovery in the sex toy industry. The purpose of such ring is similar to the penis ring that we have in the modern days. I believe at the time, this toy was not considered as adult toys, and rather, a tool for the nobles to perform better and longer. Discovered in ancient Chinese civilization, it enabled the user to stay hard and perform for a very long time. This toy was used in 1200 BC.


It was rumored that Cleopatra (54 BC) used to utilize angry bees in a hollow gourd to create the vibration that pleased her sexually. However, it wasn’t until the mid 1880s, that the first vibrator was invented. Technically, Dr Macaura’s Pulcoson Hand Crank was one of the first vibrating tool that helped women reach orgasm. It was then renamed into “Macaura’s Blood Circulator”. You could check out this early day invention at the Museum of Sex in New York.