Before getting more comfortable with my sexuality, i used to frown on people who use the hook up apps. It makes me uncomfortable thinking that someone would scroll and swipe between different people, send a bunch of them messages, as if they are ordering pizza from the store. Until one day, during my travel, I let myself get a bit more adventurous and experienced with the hook up apps. I realized I have been wrong all along!

Why Hook Up Apps are Amazing

happy couple in bed

No hassle, no drama

When using hook up apps, you could straightforwardly set your intention. You could tell the other person that you are looking for nothing but fun. After spending some heated, passionate night together, you guys could simply move on with your life without anyone getting hurt or expecting more.

It overcomes shyness

Plenty of people find it hard to approach someone they find attractive in public. By using dating apps or hook up apps, they could initiate the talk easily. Plenty of people start off as friends on the dating apps before deciding to actually meet the other person and get to know them better in person.

It screens the people for you (intro, pics, personality)

When we meet people in random places, we have no idea where this person is from or how they are in other circumstances. Interestingly, for me, when I go through someone’s profile on a hook up app, I could read into their personality in a bigger picture. The type of pictures they post, the type of introduction they put on their profile page, and even the way they start talking to you on the app. All these factors could help you screen different people before getting to know them. Because maybe, someone who likes basketball piques my interest more than someone who likes football. Who knows?

It works as a networking tool

According to my friend who is way more experienced with the dating apps than I do, some of her good friends are the guys she met through the apps. Once, she met a guy through Tinder. After chatting for some time and getting to know each other, they both didn’t think they were meant for each other. However, they did enjoy each others’ companies as friends. Since then, they become platonic and simply continue being friends.


Now that you know why you should try using the hook up apps, you might question : How do i pick the best hook up apps? Depends on your interest, whether it is simply to hook up or may be to look for more, below are some apps that I believe are the best in the market at the moment.


Tinder Match

Most people who use hook up apps know Tinder. Tinder could work both as a hook up, as well as a dating app. Originally Tinder allows singles to meet and have casual hook ups. However, these days, more and more people meet their long term partners through Tinder.


Pure profiles

Pure is purely anonymous. It erases your profile/ private information every hour. This way, you don’t need to worry that your personal information and pictures linger around online. It also makes sure that your match wants the same thing as you do.


Bumble Profiles

Bumble is a hook up/ dating app, just like Tinder. Except, with  Bumble, the girl has to make the first move. This way, it limits the guys’ options to the girls who really would like to talk to them. Bumble is often considered more of a dating app compared to Tinder or other hook up apps.


Happy Profiles

Happn is kinda cool. It is geographic based and it matches you with the profiles of people in your neighborhood. Happn shows you the people you have crossed path with in real life, the last place you were near each other and the time. This way, when you lock eyes with a cute guy at Starbucks and Happn suggest you guys to get to know each other, you know for sure you are not being catfished.


Grindr is like, Tinder, except it is used mostly between homosexual men. The app allows the users to check the people within their close distance and meet other men that they are interested in.

So, my dear readers, are you pro the hook up apps or are you against the hook up/ dating apps? Do you use these apps to find a hook up or the love of your life? What are your interesting experiences using these apps? Which one is better: free hookup apps or the paid ones?

Please write your comments below and share!