One of the most common vaginal infections that many women encounter is the yeast infection. This problem is so common that often time we are not even aware of it, until it gets serious. There are different reasons that cause yeast infection and not all of them are sexual. Below are some daily habits that could cause such infection to happen and different ways you could treat it.


Woman with Vaginal Problem

Vaginal yeast infection is a condition caused by fungus candida. This happens when there is an imbalance between the amount of bacteria and yeast in our vagina.

Even though vaginal yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is indeed transferrable through genital contacts. This infection is itchy, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Despite refusal to discuss about it, most women experience it at least once in their lives.

Other causes of yeast infection would be: a weakened immune system, diabetes, pregnancy, the usage of douches and soap in vagina area, wearing tight pants and underwear, especially those that are made of polyester.


Woman Sitting with Vaginal Problem

You would know if you suffer from this type of vaginal infections. Not only you would extreme itchiness in your vaginal area, you would also notice watery discharge and redness/ swelling around the vulva. Most of the time, you would notice that there is cottage cheese-like discharge and soreness/ burning sensation, especially when during urination and intercourse.


A Woman and a Doctor

The simple, most common ways to treat yeast infection is to use over the counter fungal cream, wear loose, cotton underwear, and making sure that you are not wearing any wet clothing item for a long time (such as a bathing suit). Other tips would be to limit the amount of sugar you consume and to clean your vagina with water only.

If the yeast infection persists, or should you experience more than four infections a year, you might want to visit the doctor for further, more elaborate treatment.

Is there any other tips and tricks that you know of? Do you know how to treat a yeast infection more effectively? Please comments and let me know!