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We Believe There is Always a Better Way to Maximize Pleasure. A More Enjoyable, Discreet Way to Reach Orgasm.

High Quality
High Quality
Mind Blowing Orgasm
Mind Blowing Orgasm
Wirless Control
Wireless Control

Young Entrepreneurs & More Pleasure

Our team is a group of adventurous young entrepreneurs with huge curiosities and a vision to bring the most pleasure to the people, in ways that goes beyond physical distance, boundaries, norms and judgments.

In the society where traveling is getting more affordable and life is increasingly more nomadic, we figured that one might find his/ her other half on the other side of the globe. Nothing should come between two individuals that yearn to be with each other, and we are simply bridging this gap through innovation and the advancement of technology.

Young Entrepreneurs

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Human Mind
We would like to fulfill every erotic fantasy that human mind could imagine, in the most harmless, healthy and convenient way. We aim to combine the advancement of technology along with functional features and beautiful design, to provide our users with the tools to channel their deepest, most sexually forbidden imagination.

Our consumer’s input and requests mean the world to us. It is our pleasure to listen and to understand the untapped needs that is unfulfilled in the market. Please do not hesitate to send us a message and ask us any questions or suggestions for the future high tech toys that you are eager to try and experience.

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Lovach Elle

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